The use of office supplies in artwork is steadily increasing and many people are interested in performing some of this art on their own. Packing tape art is just one way in which a person can express their inner artistic selves, while using supplies that are readily found in their office. In order to do this, the person will first need to decide if they are opting for 2D or 3D packing tape art. The 2D art is often portraits that utilize the brown packing tape along with the clear tape to make shadows and form shapes. The 3D art is the idea of taking this packing tape and using enough to form sculptures. Either option is easy for anyone to do with a little imagination and hard work.

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There are several aspects to consider when performing packing tape art on your own. For one, with sculptures the person will find it is best to have an outline of what they are wanting in order to dictate how much packing tape to buy. Secondly, for 2D art, it is best to have a rough sketch of what the person is trying to create and use this as a way to figure out where the tape should go for the best contrasting light.

After the tape has been purchased, it becomes a battle with the artist and the tape. You should not feel as though you are not succeeding if your first piece does not come out as your expected. There are several people who find this is an art form that is better with time as the person learns new tricks that are going to help them with their art.

Those who are wondering whether this is something in which they should try to do, they need to ask themselves if they feel as though this is a great way to release some of their creativity energy? Most of those who started to do packing tape art were simply looking for a way to have fun, and this is what evolved. These are unique pieces that catch the attention of just about anyone who sees them, due to how strange they are. Imagine being able to do this on your own and only having to use the packing tape you have sitting in your office? It is something that you will find makes a great hobby and is only limited by your own imagination.