There is nothing more important that ensuring that the documents in your office are safe and secure. FireKing is one of those companies that provides the necessary supplies needed to ensure this with a variety of safes and filing cabinets that are used in offices all over the world. The company has been established for over fifty years, in which their first product offered to the market was a fire proof file cabinet. The company has always prided itself on being the company for offices to turn to when they are in need of protection and a peace of mind for leaving their office at the end of the day.

Their Promise

FireKing provides more than just a safe or fireproof cabinet for a person to use, as they are a full fledged security measure for offices who are looking for full service. The company provides security to allow cameras to record every move made within the office which not only protects the assets of the office, but the employees as well.

Aside from this security aspect, the company does offer a warranty on all of their systems that are meant to be used in the office, such as the filing cabinets a office will use. The company states that if the filing cabinet stops working properly due to normal use, they will replace this for free. In addition, if the cabinet is damaged during a fire, they will replace the cabinet for free as long as the original owner still owns the cabinet. This shows how confident they are in their cabinets being able to withstand any type of fire that it could be exposed to.

Filing Cabinets Offered

Though the company offers several products, most people are more familiar with their filing cabinets, as this was their main product. There are several styles that the company offers, meeting every need of every office out there. These styles are:

- 2 Drawer
- 5 Drawer
- Vertical cabinets
- Horizontal cabinets
- Several paint finishes on each of these options

They have cabinets that are meant to withstand fires for several hours, while other cabinets are meant to withstand fires up to two hours in length. The key to all of their cabinets is the warranty that is unbeatable, while the style of these filing cabinets are going to fit in with any office decor.