There are many options you have when it comes to the type of paper you are using in your office. For many people, they simply grab whatever they find. Yet, there are several people who have a preference in what they use. Legal pads are one of the most popular office supplies on the market, with people buying these constantly for their office. Why do people buy legal pads? Mainly because they are bound at the top, making it easier to keep papers together. Plus, these legal pads have paper that tears much easier without a mess when compared to regular notebooks.

Your Options with Legal Pads

When it comes to legal pads, there are several options that a person will find. These are:

  • Color of paper: The most common colors a person will find will be canary or white. Yet, there are legal pads that have soft purple, light blue and pink paper.
  • Width of writing lines: College and wide ruled is what these come in, yet wide ruled is most common.
  • Punched Holes or not: Many of these legal pads have three holes punched on the side for easy insertion into ring binders, while others have two holes on the top or no holes at all.

Almost all legal pads are going to have a gum top which is what allows the paper to stay together, even if the person were to fold this back repeatedly.

Purchasing Legal Pads

Legal pads are a great office supply to have on hand, and have many of these on hand in the event that these are used frequently. In most cases, these legal pads will have 50 to 80 pages per pad, while coming in packages which contain three or more pads. For an office to have enough, buying these in bulk is one of the best options that the person will have. The more the person buys in bulk, the more likely they are going to get a deal that is worthy of their attention.

Remember that offices are more than just computers and printers. It is imperative that an office have some type of writing paper on hand for those times in which notes need to be taken or the like. Legal pads are a great supply to have on hand and will become a favorite of those in the office.