Within every office space, most people will automatically believe they are going to see the exact replica of the office they first seen. This is the case with most offices that are located in a huge office building, or even in those cubicles that a person may see. However, it is important that while in your office, you feel at home and can show some of your personality. This can make the work week even better when you feel good about being in your office. There are a few tips in which a person can use to make their office show their personality and style easily.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of color

Though most people think that their office supplies should be professional, there is nothing wrong with a bit of color, if this is in your personality. For example, why have a dull boring tape dispenser, when you could have one that is honeysuckle pink and shaped like a shoe? The same can be said of having plain white folders in your office, go with a bit of color and you can brighten up the office, while also not feeling as though you hate your job.

Tip 2: Be different

If everyone in your office building uses a filing cabinet, it means you have to as well, right? Not really. There are several other options for holding papers rather than using a filing cabinet if this is something that you are interested in. For example, the use of a file cart, discount binders, plastic tote boxes that hold folders and the like can be used. It can make your office stand out from the huge number of offices in the area.

Tip 3: Be creative

If you have blank walls that are just crying out for something, then consider mounting a wall planner  or even hanging some art work. The person will want to
ensure they are not opposing any of their employers rules about this, but in most cases, no employer is going to be upset if you were to hang a dry erase board in which you write sayings on each day. The truth is, through doing this, you may inspire some other workers to take a creative jump in the workplace.

There are several ways in which a person can still have the office supplies they need for their office, yet feel as though they stand out. There is nothing that says an office worker has to conform to what they believe an office worker should buy. With this being said, look at the options you have and pick the one that best suits your personality, chances are it will make your office brighter and the hub of activity for everyone.