For any office, whether this a home office or a cubicle within a corporate office, it is imperative that a person know where they need to be and all the important items on their agenda. One of the commonly overlooked office supplies that a person will need is a calendar. There are several types of calendars and each of these offer a little something different to each individual.

 Appointment Books

Small and easy to carry, appointment books are just one of the tools a person will need. These are often used in conjunction with another type of calendar. These can be as basic as a person can get, such as the At-A-Glance DayMinder Monthly Planner that has each day squared within the month to allow for notes to posted. Or these calendars can get very complex, such as the At-A-Glance 24 Hour Daily Appointment Book, allowing for a person to write in numerous events for one given day. The option as to which to choose is up to the person, yet a person who is relatively busy with their office work will find a twenty-four hour daily calendar may be their best option.


Desk Calendars

Desk calendars serve the same basic purpose as appointment books, yet they are not meant to travel with a person. Many people have these for their offices, while they keep their appointment books in their purses or briefcases. The desk calendar is going to allow a person to jot down their appointments according to time, while also providing a blank page for noting special aspects a person may need to remember. A great example is the At-A-Glance Daily Desk Calendar that comes with a plastic holder and the refills a person will need from year to year.


Wall Planners

Yet another calendar used in offices is the wall planner. A great example of a wall planner is the At-A-Glance 90 & 120 Day Undated Horizontal Erasable Wall Planner that allows a person to write in the dates with a dry-erase marker, while also being something that can be reused for many years to come. The wall calendar is basically used for noting special events that may be coming up. This can be a great way to ensure you never miss a meeting or a special date within the office.


Combining All Three Calendars

For an office worker to function at their best, and ensure they are never missing in action, having all three calendars is going to ensure that nothing is missed. The appointment book can be used for both office and personal use, which allows a person to ensure they are never missing anything in their life. Likewise, the desk calendar is a gentle reminder when sitting down at the desk as to what needs to be done that day and the time frame the person has to complete it. The wall planner is not going to be as specific as a the desk planner or appointment book, yet it is still a great reminder, especially for those who may be forgetful.