Within the office, there are several office supplies that a person will find necessary in order to run their office. When most people think of the necessities, they consider paper, pens, paper clips and other various pieces of equipment to be standard. A stapler is one of the standard pieces of equipment within any office as it is used frequently and many times is overlooked as being a valuable supply within the office. With this being said, a person does have a choice when it comes to the stapler they use in their office.

When most people think of staplers, they think of the simple gray or black stapler that is found on most people’s desk. There is nothing extravagant about it, but it gets the job done. Nowadays, companies are coming out with new ways in which to make staplers not only be more efficient, but also show the personality of the user. It makes for an interesting way to make your office show a bit more of you in it, while also still proving to be functional.

One of the more inventive staplers on the market is the electric stapler. These types of staplers are meant to tackle just about any job a person could put it through. For example, the Swingline Optima 45 Stapler is meant to staple up to 45 sheets of paper at once. This is one of the greatest benefits of having an electric or battery operated stapler, as they have the capacity to handle larger loads more frequently. In fact, some of these staplers can handle up to 100 sheets of paper per staple. If this type of load was put up against a regular stapler, chances are the staple would go through the first ten to fifteen pages and this is it. These electric staplers come in a variety of colors that are meant to blend effortlessly with office decor.

For those who are not ready for the electric stapler or feel as though they have no need for something that is so heavy-duty, the regular stapler is still an option. These are coming in a variety of colors to showcase personality or simply allow the stapler to easily be found. The regular staplers are also coming in a compact mode to make them easier to fit into desk drawers should you want to avoid the clutter on the top of the desk.

If you are searching for the stapler that is going to call your office home, consider your options. You may find that you could be happier with an electric stapler as it can allow you to be more effective and efficient in the office.