Staples are often seen by many as one of those office supplies in which every functioning office will need. However, for many people, staples open up a whole new world of creativity that renders beautiful pieces of art. Staples have become just one of those office supplies that are being used for purposes other than what they have in the office, and the art pieces that are being made from these are becoming a huge hit with the public.

Several artists are playing with this media and there are basically two ways in which this media is being used. One way is through taking staples that are in lines and forming 3D pieces with these. For example, artists Peter Root has taken staples and made a city that is simply astounding to look at.

The city took over 40 hours to complete, and 100,000 staples. The end result is a small city that can be seen as a blooming metro city.

The Making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Other people are utilize staples into a medium in order to create a picture. This is one type of art form that takes a bit more time than setting these staples up to form a 3D landscape, yet the end result is one that is simply stunning. Artist Baptiste Debombourg, a French artist, takes staples and makes beautiful Renaissance type of pieces.

This piece is comprised of 35,000 staples that are stapled into the wall to create this beautiful piece.

Source:; Artist: Baptiste Luxembourg

Staples are not simply meant to hold paper together any longer. They are being utilized by some of the best up and coming artists to show an art form that has yet to be seen by the world at large.