Any folder is meant to help organize papers and make these easy to find. Yet, classification folders take this idea to a whole new level. These types of folders are often used by professionals who have tons of paperwork that needs to be sorted and be easily found. The key characteristics of these folders is that within the folder there are several sections that are divided to allow for even more storage and organization.

Options with Classification Folders

There are several options in which a person will find with these types of folders, including:

  • The number of divided areas within the folder, ranging from 1 to 3 dividers
  • The size of the folder whether this be legal or letter size
  • Numerous colors available
  • The ability to put fasteners onto these folders to hold papers in place or to ensure the folder stays where it belongs

Who Needs Classification Folders

Those who are going to find classification folders to be the best option for them are those that work with several clients who have large amounts of paperwork associated with them. For example, lawyers often find these folders to work best when dealing with an individual’s case. These types of folders are also good for those who need to access this paperwork frequently and quickly.

Benefits of Classification Folders

The benefits of these types of folders are:

  • Allow for more paperwork to be stored
  • Easy access with tabbed dividers within the folder
  • Easy to organize with your current filing system
  • Able to hold large amounts of paperwork

For those who are dealing with a lot of paperwork for every client they have or project they work on, then the use of classification folders can make it easier to find what is needed, as well as keeping everything in one place. For those shopping for folders, these can be the best fit in their office if they find the need of the office warrants a lot of folder space and organization.

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