With all the choices of folders on the market, a person can easily become confused as to which ones they should purchase. The idea that all folders are alike is wrong, as each type of folder offers a bit different organization level and style. The expanding folder is an accordion type folder that has several sections inside, allowing for multiple documents to be stored. These are available in recycled material and those that are made in plastic. With each option, the person will find they are getting several folders in one, making it the choice for many who want to utilize their space efficiently.

Sections in Expanding Folders

Though most expanding folders are going to come with several sections the person can utilize, with many having as many as ten sections per folder, there are those that are one big folder without sections. Either option is still going to give a person the space they need to store multiple documents. In most cases, these folders are going to expand anywhere from two to three inches in width to accommodate the papers that are being stored in these.

 Options with Expanding Folders

There are several options a person can choose from with these folders. Not only can the person choose how many sections they have, if any, these folders also come in an array of colors, allowing for color coding filing if this is of interest. In addition, the person can get the expanding folder with a top that either ties down with a rubber band on the front, or those that velcro closed. Another option that many people do not think about are the hanging expandable folders that are used in desk drawers. This is something that combines the usefulness of hanging folders with the versatility of expanding folders.

Expanding folders are used by many offices throughout the country. Many people use these types of folders to travel with, as they are durable and can allow the person to have everything they need within one folder. Along with this, the person can ensure that the folder is going to stay closed and stand up against the wear and tear that they may be put through. The types of offices that use these folders vary. However, most any office will find they can use an expanding folder for their paperwork with any type of business they may be involved in.