Hanging file folders are just one of the types of office supplies that a person will find to be useful in their office. These hanging file folders are just one of many different styles of folders, and for many the choices for folders can seem a bit overwhelming. This is why it is imperative that a person realize what these types of folders are, how they are used and the benefits of using these.

What are Hanging File Folders?

These types of folders are meant to be used with some sort of carrying case or a filing cabinet. They will hang on the sides of the product, making for easy access to the papers that are inside. An example of this type of folder is the Smead Color Hanging Folders or the Pendaflex Hanging Folder.

Using These Folders

As stated before, these folders work best when used inside a type of carrier. Many people use file crates for these as it makes for a perfect fit. The small tabs on the ends of the folders are going to hold these upright at all times, making finding documents a breeze. In addition to this, there are several colors and types of materials in which these folders are made from. For example, some hanging file folders are thick paper, while others may be more plastic.

Benefits of Hanging File Folders

There are several benefits to using these folders, which include:

  • Take up less space than traditional folders
  • The hanging mechanism can make it even easier to find papers
  • These are a bit more durable than regular file folders since they are not getting knocked around, thanks to these hanging instead of lying in the bottom of a drawer
  • Several colors make these folders great for those who may be color coding their files
  • The folders often have tabs that can easily help to organize these folders even better

For those who are searching for folders for their office, they will find that the hanging file folders are just one type out there, yet they are a type that many people use in their own offices. However, they need to be used with a filing cabinet or a file crate in order to see the best benefits from these folders.