A pencil is a pencil, or that is what most people believe. However, when it comes to pencils there is a huge debate on whether wood pencils or mechanical pencils are the best option for the office. Pencils are a much needed office supply that is needed in the office. Yet, if you are buying for the entire office keep in mind that some people have a preference over which type of pencil they are using. Which is better? This is really a personal decision, yet both types of people have some pros and cons that you may want to be aware of in order to know whether you want one type or both types in your office.

Pros of Wooden Pencils

The benefits of using wooden pencils is that these are always going to be a fall back for most people. Any type of computer reading software will require that the paper being fed into this is using a typical number two pencil, which is what most all wooden pencils are these days. In addition, these are very inexpensive which will mean that you can afford to lose a few of these at your desk from time to time.

Pros of Mechanical Pencils

One of the biggest benefits of mechanical pencils is that you have the ability to use this pencil for months or even years to come. Since you insert lead into this pencil, you can use this until the pencil breaks or you lose it. There is no need to resharpen your pencil as with just a click of a button you can have fresh pencil lead inserted into the mechanical pen.

Cons of Wooden Pencils

These types of pencils are going to eventually have to be thrown away as you are going to have to sharpen these from time to time. These are also easy to break when compared to pencils that are mechanical and have a plastic housing for the lead. Wooden pencils can also warp when they are used by the same person for long periods of time, dpeending on how the person is holding the pencil.

Cons of Mechanical Pencils

One of the biggest pet peeves with mechanical pencils is that the pencil itself is fine, but the person runs out of eraser before the pencil is anywhere near the ends of its life. In addition, you always have to have extra lead on hand that will fit the pencil to ensure that you can write with these.

So which is better for you? This depends on your budget and if you have a favorite. Many people have both types of these in their offices to accommodate all those who work there.