Want to help make someone’s day a little bit brighter?

HP is helping you make this happen. With HP eSmiles, you can brighten the day of families that are finding strength at 5 participating Ronald McDonald Houses. All you need to do is submit a picture, a poem, a joke, a sketch or just a few encouraging words. Your message will ePrint to the House you select, spreading joy and hope.

The locations are New York, Atlanta, Chicago/NW Indiana, Orange County and San Diego. I sent my first one this morning, and it only took a couple minutes (other than the time I spent looking at adorable pictures of animals trying to find the perfect one).

Not only will you make someone smile when you send these, but for every approved eSmile, HP donates $1 to the selected Ronald McDonald House. HP’s goal is $50,000 – help them reach that goal!

Watch the video explaining more here - HP eSmiles Program Supports Ronald McDonald House Charities