Earth Day is Friday, April 22. Need some tips on how to honor this day properly in the office?

Are there any rooms in your office that have automatic lights – maybe there is a conference room, lunch room or even bathroom? If you’re done with a meeting, and you know there isn’t going to be anyone using the room for awhile – turn the lights off. Sure, the light will go off after a few minutes – but turning it off yourself will help save energy – even if it is just a little bit. It all adds up.

Does your office have a water cooler? If so, they probably have those little cone cups that you can only get about two drinks out of before you have to throw it away. Here at BuyOnlineNow, the company gave all of its employees reusable water bottles a few years ago. Now, your company may not have time to get bottles for everyone before Earth Day, but as an individual, you can easily go to a local store and purchase your own water bottle.

Does your office have paper towels to use after you wash your hands? I know for me it has become habit to just grab three and dry my hands off. However, I figured out that two paper towels will do just as good of a job as three.

How much paper is printed in your office each day? Do you ever get any memos that you read and just throw away? The Rubbermaid Commercial Side Bin can be hooked on to the edge of your wastebasket and fits paper perfectly.  

Do you live near a co-worker? Try carpooling with them to save on gas. It will help your wallet and the environment!

Of course, you can always invest in a wide selection of Green supplies from BuyOnlineNow.