Today, we have a guest post from Customer Care Specialist, Leah. She took a few days to try out the Aurora Corp AS424C Cross-Cut Shredder. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“The Aurora Corp AS424C Crosscut Shredder was my first hands on experience in the world of shredders, although I sell and provide details on them daily. We have a rather large shredder in the warehouse, but we typically do not shred our own paper, so it was pretty exciting to have my own at my desk.

At first, I thought it was pretty small, but the shredder is really only made for shredding letters, mail, notes, credit cards, etc. The mouth is on the smaller side, and the capacity for shredding is 4 sheets at a time. The only downfall to this item as a customer service rep on the phones all day is that it was a little loud for my co-workers.

If this was used at home, or in a personal setting as it is intended for, I would say it does just what it was made to do. It shreds quickly, effectively, no jamming and holds quite a bit of paper in the bin. It’s lightweight and small enough you could definitely move it around.

Overall, I would say my first experience with this cute little shredder was a good one. I think if someone is worried about their mail, documents or old credit cards, and they don’t want to invest in something so big and bulky, this would be a great fit”

This is the paper in the waste bin.