With the Beta Sit Stand Cart you can improve your energy and efficiency by
standing or sitting as you work, and switch positions as you choose.

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Mobile configuration brings flexibility into the workspace. Easily moves
through small doorways and over thresholds for collaborative meetings.

Works equally well as an A/V cart or as a compact mobile workstation, ideal
for maneuvering in tight quarters.

Center post works as a hub for equipment shelves, monitor mounts, and CPU
holder, each independently height adjustable. Cable management clips keep
cords under control.

Includes single monitor mount for a monitor up to 22″. Allows up to 35º of tilt,
and 25º of pan adjustment.

Includes angled laptop/keyboard shelf (18 3⁄4″ x 13 3⁄4″) with a mouse platform
(6 1⁄4″ x 6 3⁄4″) that swivels beneath when not in use.

Included CPU holder has two adjustable security straps, holding securely to a
variety of CPU configurations.

Optional projector shelf measures 15″ x 11″ and includes an adjustable
equipment security strap.

Document camera shelf measures 15″ x 13 5⁄8″, includes an adjustable
equipment security strap, and a retractable platform (13 1⁄2″ x 8 5⁄8″) for
projection materials.

All shelves feature non-slip EVA pads.

Optional dual monitor mount accommodates two monitors up to 22″. Allows
up to 35º of tilt, and 25º of pan adjustment. Handy knobs adjust the space
and angle between monitors.

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