A couple of reps from Fellowes stopped by BuyOnlineNow the other day, and left some pretty cool products for us to try out.

I was lucky enough to be given the Fellowes Professional Series Back Support to try out. I know I’ve written blogs about how much I love my standing work station, but let’s be real – I can’t stand all day long. And when I do need/want to sit down for awhile, the back support really helps keep me comfortable. I sometimes need to remind myself to stand up for awhile because I’m so comfortable in my chair now!

Another nice thing about it is that it attached from the top and the sides of the chair, so it does a very good job of staying in place. It only took me about 30 seconds to set it up on my chair and get it adjusted where it needed to be. The mid spinal support is also a nice change up. Before I was just using a back support cushion that had been sitting around my parents house for awhile, but the Fellowes Professional Series Back Support provides support in more specific areas.

Fellowes also left the Professional Series Executive Keyboard Tray, and Travis Seeger, our Vendor Relations Manager, has been trying that. He says it has a “very smooth tray that is super easy to adjust, yet it doesn’t adjust on its own when you put a little pressure on it. I had that problem with another drawer I was using. It never wanted to stay in place.”

Seeger also discussed the ease of installation. “Besides the smooth operation, it was very easy to install. It took me about 10 minutes to install. Well, it actually took about 30 minutes, but that is only because my battery died on the drill I was using, and I had to wait for it to recharge,” he explained.

Along with the keyboard tray, we were given the Fellowes Slimline Cordless Combo Keyboard. Web Developer Kyle Kuster got to try the keyboard and mouse first. Some of the best features on the keyboard are the Microban protection, multimedia keys and a volume adjustor.

“It was so sleek, quiet and comfortable I bought one to have at home,” said Kuster.

I have also been trying out the keyboard for the past week and love it. I think my favorite feature is the volume adjustor. I also love the smaller keys that don’t make as much noise when I type. While I already have a mouse that I’m quite partial to, I did try the mouse that accompanies this keyboard. It works very well. It’s lightweight so it is easy to move around and very accurate.

All in all, I think we’ve been very pleased with the products that Fellowes has given us to test out. Thanks Fellowes!