Have you slipped up on your New Year’s Resolution yet? Don’t give up and don’t get down on yourself. It’s still fresh in the New Near, and you still have time to tackle your goals. People sometimes think that if you fail once or twice on a goal by the second week in January, that you might as well give up. For example, if you were 5 minutes late to work two days, and your goal was to never be late – don’t give up now! You might just need to re-evaluate your goals and make them more specific.

  1. Be very specific about your resolution. Instead of saying “I’m never going to be late,” try shooting to be a few minutes early so that if you are late, you’ll actually be on time. Or if your goal is to stay organized, specify it to “I will clean and put away items on my desk before I leave for the day.”
  2. Limit the number of resolutions you make. It’s better to do one thing well than 10 things poorly.
  3. Post your list in a visible space to serve as a reminder and encouragement to yourself. If you have it visible in your office, then it is hard to ignore it staring you in the face constantly.
  4. Ask for support from your co-workers, or even family and friends. Ask them to get on your case if papers start piling up on your desk or if they see you sneaking in at 8:01. If you’re lucky, they’ll have similar goals and you can work on your resolutions together.
  5. Take action immediately. Go right to work at a deep clean on your desk – make a fresh start at your organization goals. That way when you come into work early, you can get right to work without any distractions.
  6. Practice new behaviors that encourage success. If you want to be more organized, start making to-do lists, rank emails in importance of when they need to be answered, and put away documents when you’re done using them.
  7. Set incremental goals and reward yourself for partial successes. For example, if you’re five minutes early for work for two weeks in a row, go out to eat at your favorite restaurant for lunch.

It’s not too late for you. One of my goals was to write blogs on a more regular basis. Well, I’ve started out a little rocky (admitting your problem is the first step), but I’m still committed to making a change.

I wish you luck on your goals, and I hope you do the same for me.