BuyOnlineNow is set to launch a new division sometime during the first quarter, after nearly two years of painstaking development.  The new division will concentrate on business customers and be referred to as the “B2B”, which is short for Business to Business.  We sat down with VP of Sales, Mark Melius, for some quick Q & A to give us a better understanding of what the “B2B” is all about:

Q: Business to Business, what does that mean exactly?

Business to Business means exactly what it’s implying, our business selling to other businesses.  The current BuyOnlineNow business model revolves around an open website that’s available for anyone to purchase from, regardless of whether it’s a business buying something for their office or a consumer buying something for their personal use.  The new division will focus on building relationships with business customers and eventually become their single source for everything purchased for the office.

Q: Why the need for a new website, why not use the current one?

Business customers that purchase their office supplies from a single source sometimes need access to features such as department billing, usage reports, flexible purchasing controls, and special pricing.  The current website doesn’t address those needs very well so developing an online solution that helps our business customer control their purchasing better was something we knew we needed.  With the new site, once a customer logs in they’ll have access to all of their ordering and user information as well as pricing and purchase history.

Q: What are the changes a “B2B” customer would expect?

The main difference our B2B customers will see is having a dedicated sales representative assigned to their account.  That person will do everything from placing their order to researching products for them.  In addition to the personalized attention, our B2B customers will see lower free shipping minimums, special offers and discounts that are exclusive to our Business Division, and pricing that’s based upon the customer’s unique buying patterns.

Q: Will the current customer service staff handle the “B2B” customers too?

The current customer service staff will have limited involvement with the new division outside of handling overflow calls.  For the most part, the B2B customers will be dealing exclusively with their inside sales representative.  By doing that, the sales representative will become more familiar with needs of each customer, building a lasting relationship and providing the best service possible.

Q: Lastly, how many sales representatives will you start with and what do you see happening over the next couple of years?

We will initially start with two dedicated sales representatives who will handle between 200 – 300 active accounts each.  And since we currently get 200 – 300 new customers every single day, the possibilities are absolutely limitless.  I could easily see us having a room filled with sales representative within the next couple of years and eventually add outside representatives to call on the larger local and even national accounts.  We’re sitting on a goldmine of customers and now we’ll have the tools to start digging.  Needless to say, it’s a very exciting time forBuyOnlineNow!