So how do you put together three my favorite things; obscure Guinness World Records, HON filing cabinets, and classic midget British sports cars?  Put them together in a seven-story tall sculpture, “Untitled (Minuet in MG)”.

From the artists website,, “The seven-story tall sculpture, Untitled (Minuet in MG), contains a 1974 MG Midget sportscar that was donated, shredded, steamrolled, photographed, bagged, labeled, numbered, and filed by weight from heaviest to lightest in milligrams (mgs) — an MG in mgs.
The sculpture now holds the Guinness World Record for the “tallest file cabinet on earth,” and the DMV registration for the shredded car filed inside the cabinet officially indicates possession by its owner.

Absolutely amazing!  For more images, take a look at the HON Company’s Flickr page and visit the artist directly at