Some may argue that an office chair is simply just a chair. Any old thing will do. Yet, when you consider the large portion of your day that is spent sitting down, the need for a quality rear-resting apparatus becomes more prevalent.

Many of the world’s greatest historical moments were achieved sitting down. Our founding fathers created the Declaration of Independence and effectively severed our British rule while seated. Granted, though Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin weren’t sitting in a HON Ignition High-Back Task Chair (time travel would be awesome, wouldn’t it?), they still relied on quality furniture to perform the mission at hand.  In this setting and in your own space, seating becomes a launching pad for focused work, conversation and fresh ideas.

Office furniture is the bones of any operation. Without strong, healthy bones, an office ultimately lacks functionality and the atmosphere needed to succeed. When inviting potential customers or clients into your workspace, the organization and cohesiveness your office furniture fosters is a critical first impression. Who wants to work with an individual or organization who doesn’t take pride in their workspace?

Luckily, HON has a recently expanded complete platform solution to all of your seating needs—Ignition™. With vast options for every area of the office, Ignition has something for everyone and everywhere. Cutting-edge materials and innovative construction allow Ignition to perform at higher level in today’s active work environment. These seating options offer flexibility and comfort for any workplace, classroom or professional setting. With options ranging from stackable guest seating to executive chairs, Ignition has pieces to outfit welcoming spaces, common areas, private workspaces or anything in between. The possibilities are endless in creating the perfect seating solution for your entire space. Ignition fits who you are. Ignition fits how you work. Ignition fits where you work. Ignition fits.

Although you may not be sitting in the Oval Office, create your own historical moments in your life by investing in incomparable office furniture from HON’s Ignition lineup. It all starts with Ignition.

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