This might be the most excited I have been to write a blog post. Not necessarily because I’m excited to write my thoughts down, but because I’m excited for WHY I get to write this.

I have some fairly serious back issues for being in my early 20′s, and most of the time I’m fine sitting in my chair all day. However, once in awhile my back starts giving me problems and I would give anything to be able to stand at my desk at work. I also am trying to get healthier and in better shape, and I know sitting 8 hours in a chair every day isn’t doing me any good. That’s why I’m so excited about my new 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray that I got installed at my desk this morning.

It took a bit of getting used to being farther away from my computer screens, but I just zoomed in on my screens a bit and it works just fine!

Another reason I really wanted to get a standing workstation is due to many different articles, blog posts, and studies I’ve seen about the benefits of standing at work and the problems with sitting for 8 hours a day. I’ve wanted a standing workstation since I started having my back problems, and these studies just gave me the kick I needed to make it happen.

One of the benefits of being 5’6” is that the keyboard tray raises high enough for me to stand at. However, if you are taller than me (which most people are) you still have options. You can get a Standing Workstation, and there are many options for sit/stand stations so you can still have the option of sitting.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask sooner. This keyboard tray had been in the office not being used for quite a few months, so it worked out perfectly! Who knows – there might be an extra around your office too! All you have to do is ask! J

Happy Friday!