To be honest, I have to thank my Mom for the idea for this post.  I was visiting her office and noticed that she was using the Accentra stapler , so I asked her what she thought of it.  “Brandon! Are you serious?  This thing is amazing!”  My Mom loves the use of exclamation points as much as I do.  “It’s so easy to staple 2-20 sheets of paper at a time, even with one finger!”

She then put me to work stapling the various stacks of paper on her desk.  It was as easy as she said; regardless if I was stapling paper on the desk or holding the stapler in my hand.  With this new found knowledge, I eagerly went back to the office to investigate the stapler further.  A quick search landed me a great clip from the Marcia Stewart show, and as an avid fan I decided to post the video.  I think I even hear her squeal with excitement when using the Paper Pro Stapler!  See the complete line of Paper Pro Accentra Staplers at