For many businesses in the economy, it is not only appropriate for the company to have business success, but also to do this in an eco friendly type of manner. This refers to using products that have been recycled and those products that put less stress on the environment during the manufacturing process. It can be difficult to purchase these types of products when dealing with office supplies, yet there are a few ways in which a business can ensure they are doing all they can do to help the environment.

The Zebra Zebrite Double-Ended Eco Highlighter

This is a great office supply to have as it does the function of two different types of highlighters. One end is the fine point, while the other provides a blunt tip. The entire casing of the highlighter is manufactured from 74% recycled materiels, making it one of the more eco friendly highlighters on the market.

Brownline 2014 EcoLogix Daily Planner

This planner allows you to jot down anything for the entire year with laid out months and and daily pages to allow for even more descriptions to be made. The entire planner is full of recycled materials with the ring binding being made from 90% recked wire, the paper is 100% recycled and the cover is made from 50% recycled materials.

The Office Star Eco Leather High-Back Executive Chairs

This chair is not only providing a very comfortable feel to it, but also allows for a company to know they are doing their part with the environment. The leather is manufactured from 20% recycled materials.

The Avery Recyclable Binders

This binder is something that an office can use and ensure they can have this reused after it has ran its course at the office. All the materials used in this binder are completely recyclable, meaning that the office can contribute to the recycling process. In addition, the binder is made from 64% of recycled materials.

With the number of manufacturers paying attention to the environment, it is easier than ever for a business to purchase office supplies that are going to be eco friendly. Those that are listed here are just grazing the tip of all that there is out there to choose from.