Many people as they start their workday need to have their morning cup of coffee or in Design & Development Manager Nate Ende’s case a pot of coffee.  While enjoying their morning coffee people also run the risk of the dreaded accidental spill on the keyboard.  These spills will ruin your everyday keyboard or at the very least cause some of the keys to stick, turning typing into a nightmare. Kensington has put an end to this problem by developing spill-safe keyboard designed to withstand these accidental spills.

The Kensington spill-safe keyboard consists of a sealed membrane design that allows liquid to run through, without damaging the keyboard electronics.  This keyboard has a sleek design that compliments today’s PCs and the slim profile saves valuable workspace.  The spill-safe keyboard consists of 104 keys and has a sturdy metal back to provide extra strength.  It is both PS/2 and USB compatible and is for use with PCs running Windows 98 or later.

    There is also a demand for the spill-safe keyboard in the restaurant and medical fields where many liquids are near keyboards in areas of high congestion. They are also popular in the janitorial supply area for people who would like to prevent liquid and cleaning solutions from accidentally getting into keyboards.    

    There were numerous accidental spill stories around the office talking about the number of keyboards that have been destroyed from different beverages.  These could have been avoided if people were equipped with the spill safe lifetime keyboard from Kensington.