A home office needs to have all the tools and supplies that you would normally have in a corporate office in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition, for those working from home having a home office that is stocked is going to make their job easier and make the person feel as though they are really at work, rather than at home.

Furniture Needed
Though every home office is going to have different needs when it comes to the amount of furniture needed, there are a few basics. The desk and chair are important as this is where the majority of time will be spent. These are two pieces of furniture that cannot be overlooked. Of course, there are several options for a person who wants to change up their look a bit. For example, choosing a desk and chair that are traditional or going more modern with a laptop stand and a swivel office chair. Either case, these are two items you cannot leave off your shopping list. In addition, consider a bookcase or some other type of shelving in order to arrange folders and the like for easy access.

Equipment Needed
The equipment that a person will need varies according to what they are doing. However, it is a good rule to have a printer, even better to have a printer that has the ability to copy, scan and fax information. A shredder may also be something of vital importance for the home office when dealing with time sensitive issues or simply wanting to protect the privacy of those whom you deal with. There are several other pieces of equipment ranging from label makers to laminators that a person may want to have for their home office, yet they are not as essential as a printer.

Supplies Needed
After getting the furniture and the equipment, it would seem that a home office would be complete. However, it is the little office supplies that are going to help make a home office run better. The basic supplies needed are:

  • Pens or Pencils
  • Copy Paper
  • Paper Clips
  • Stapler with staples
  • Sticky Notes

These are the average everyday items that are going to be used consistently, thus it is a good idea to have a lot of these on hand. Along with these items, it is a good idea to have:

  • An appointment book
  • Calendar
  • File folders
  • Tape and a tape dispenser

Once you have purchased these items, you are going to find there are still things you may need for your own personal home office. However, these items are a great start and will have a home office up and functioning without a hitch as soon as possible.