Take a moment to think back to the last time your computer crashed and you lost your important documents, files, photos, and music.  Did you have a backup available?  Were you scrambling to salvage any data you could?  This all came to mind last night when my enthusiastic one year old crawled over to my laptop and proceeded to pull on the cord to bring it down to his level.  Thank goodness I caught him in time, otherwise, who knows what kind of damage would have been caused. 

A spilled cup of coffee, tripping on a power cord, a power surge, theft, and more can cause you to lose hours and years worth of work.  It’s these moments in life that you’ll be happy you invested in the line of Maxell Data Storage products.  After watching my son nearly destroying my laptop, I’ve invested in the Maxell GENpro External Hard drive.  With 1 TB of storage space and 2 GB of Cloud Storage; it’s the perfect model for me.  It recovers individual files and folders, entire PO from PC disk crashes to point-in-time, and recovers data to another PC (in case of PC loss). The cloud storage feature lets me access my important data from any internet connected device.

Be safe, back up your data, and take a look at all of our Maxell Data Storage products, including flash drives, cassettes, portable hard drives, and more at BuyOnlineNow.com.

All-in-all, I can’t go wrong with the company that once blew me away with their amazing cassette commercial.  I’d also like to say sorry to my dad for wrecking his speaker system after I saw the commercial.