Does your desk look like this?

No matter what your workstation challenges are, we’ve got some great ideas that’ll have you working happier in no time. In fact, it’s kind of our motto over at Work Wonders, a blog from the desk of TOPS Products®.

Shelf Storage

Let’s say you’ve got limited drawer space, but plenty of shelf storage. Organize your paper piles with a Cardinal® FreeStand™ EasyOpen® binder . EasyOpen rings open, close and lock with one simple motion. This binder actually stands up on its own, perfect for shelf or desktop storage. Create customized cover inserts and spine labels at . Choose from a variety of templates to make organizing easy (or to just, you know, make it look better).


Fall in love with the FreeStand binder – it will certainly win your heart in the video below.

Mobile Workplace Storage

If your job often takes you on the road, you know the importance of using a streamlined filing system that’s color coded for at-a-glance organization. File your documents and keep all of your project elements together with Globe-Weis® Easy Load Project Files. This project file features three enclosed sides and an elastic cord closure to keep documents firmly in place. You can use it to store horizontally- or vertically-oriented documents. Expanding sides adjust to fit your project needs, up 1″ to hold 250 sheets of paper.


Check out the full functionality of the Easy Load Project Folder in the demo video below.

Shelf Storage

Are you lucky enough to have an open shelving unit in your office? Because if so, we’re fighting.

Okay, we’re not fighting, but seriously – take advantage of it! End Tab Classification Folders are ideal for open shelving systems. This particular version features pressboard covers with 2″ embedded fasteners on each. 2 Kraft dividers with 1″ embedded fasteners are great for subdividing your files, keeping subjects separate or organizing multiple files in one. For more information on selecting the right file folder for you, check out our Tame the Chaos Decision Guide.