It happened. And I’m not just talking about watching Ed Helms (Andy Bernard) drink soap. I’m talking about Will Ferrell making his first appearance on The Office. 

How did you feel about his performance? Did he fit in or was it awkward? I, myself, enjoyed it. I’m excited to see Ferrell star as Deangelo Vickers for a few episodes. And I have hope in him and his character. “Training Day” was a nice preview to what is hopefully in store for Ferrell’s reign.

From the irony that both Michael and Deangelo are waiting for each other in the hotel bar and don’t realize it, to Kelly’s attempt at a “Meet Cute” with him, to Deangelo then asking Michael’s help for that “Native American girl’s name,” I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire episode.

If you haven’t watch the episode yet – get on that. If you have and still can’t get enough of Ferrell, check out this deleted scene from this week’s episode.