I made a few mistakes last night.

Mistake 1: Going to my brother’s house thinking I would get to watch The Office distraction-free (he has two daughters: age 4 years and 5 months).

Mistake 2: Thinking that I would get to watch the Office on the main television while the NFL draft was on (my boyfriend was also along with me. Two male votes apparently beat out the voice of one female vote).

Mistake 3: After watching 3/4th of the episode in another room all alone, the men were ready to watch the end of the episode. So, I decided to join them and my niece who was still awake to watch the end.

Mistake 4: (Explains why 3 was a mistake.) The second that Jim walked into Michael’s office, the tears began flowing. And didn’t stop the rest of the episode. Before I knew it, my brother was pointing out to my niece that “Auntie was crying” and they began laughing. Especially when the tears came even harder when I saw Pam enter the airport, as my brother stated, “There’s no way they would have let her past security – she doesn’t have a ticket!” I tried to reason with him that it’s a TV show, but all he said was, “Way to be realistic NBC.”

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Especially Michael’s reaction to how Oscar acted when he received his parting gift, Jim asking about being filmed in the bathroom, and when Michael took off his microphone and said, “Let me know if this ever airs.”

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I might have to watch it again in silence some day. In silence and completely alone so I am free to use as many tissues as needed.

P.S. I only needed 2 tissues!